Red Maple Realtors



Red Maple Realtors is a full service real estate company that handles all types of real estate transactions including:   Property Management, Sales and Leasing.

The principal of our company, Norman Walters, is a broker in Maryland and has been practicing real estate for 32 years.

The Washington DC metro market volume was brisk in 2017.   We expect 2018 to be a very robust year for selling and renting homes.  Good condition homes are selling and renting at a brisk pace.  This should continue for 1-3 more years.  The Case Shiller Index shows we have one of  strongest real estate markets in the country.  The counties surrounding the District also have brisk business activity.

Homes available to purchase are in short supply in some areas.  This is creating a sellers market in many counties.  The rental inventory is balanced and rental prices are stable.                                             

Beware of Rental Scammers & Con Artists!

There are thief's trying to steal deposits from unsuspecting tenants.   They copy photos and descriptions of rental homes from real ads of homes for rent.  Then, they posts fake ads with rental prices that are about half price.   Do not send money to anyone unless you can go inside the home to see it!!   Read about the scams being used at this link.    The scam ads are posted on numerous rental home websites.  If the price is really low,  it is a fake ad.   Call me on my cell phone to see inside any of our rental homes.