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Norm Walters and Red Maple Realtors have been instrumental in getting my home back into tip-top shape for renting, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a thorough property manager who pays close attention to the needs of owners and tenants.

After leaving my previous property management company,  due to an ongoing pattern of mishandling tenant’s and owner’s requests and ignoring my attempts to contact them,  I received Norm’s contact info from my sister.  Norm did a very thorough inspection of the house and made great recommendations for updates and repairs to get the property back in rental condition.  After a month, my house was back on the market and ready to be rented!

Norm managed this entire process, as well as the process of renting the house smoothly and efficiently.  Being remotely located in a different state, it is tough for me to keep a handle on the goings on of the house, but Norm has kept me well informed every step of the way and continues to maintain close contact with me on any issues that may require my attention. 

I highly recommend Norm Walters & Red Maple Realtors for any property management needs!

                                                                                                Trent M.

Thank you for making my life easier as a homeowner and landlord. Your assistance in routine renter interaction, seasonal weather related events, and accidents, has help greatly in my peace of mind and property profitability.

I really appreciate that you sending  out seasonal announcements (ie. shut off outside water taps, etc) that make both me and the renter aware of seasonal maintenance. This keeps the home less prone to decay and damage. While my renter is open to performing some of the maintenance himself, it helps remind him and make him aware of keeping the building and grounds up to expected standards.

During the last 3 years the house has suffered twice, from an incident of flooding, and structural damage from high winds the following year. On both occasions you helped me navigate the process. During the high water issue, I had to go out-of-town and your help in being present for contractors, client interaction and bid decision making had great impact on reducing damage to the property, and keeping the renters happy and players in the repairs. This extra support through catastrophic events was invaluable.

I recognize that your ease with all types of people/renters, your knowledge of home

maintenance tips and tricks, your awareness of the rental and sales market has helped me on numerous occasions, do the right thing for my renters and myself.

Thank you Norm....

                                                                                                      Dr. Marc L.

Mr. Norman Walters of Red Maple Realtors, Gaithersburg, has been my property manager for 9 years.   I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with his services, after having my share of 2 bad property managers, who happen to be reputed companies in the area.   In the past 9 years, Mr. Walters has shown me that he is someone I can trust and rely upon to get the job done.

Highlighted below are some of the benefits from Mr. Walters’ services:

•Mr. Walters has enhanced tenant relationships and has brought regularity to the monthly receipt of rent

•Periodically throughout the year and at year-ending, Mr. Walters has provided detailed accounting of income and expenditure, which has been very useful for personal budgeting and for filing of yearly taxes.

•As needed, Mr. Walters has provided expert advice and recommendations on the upkeep of the rental property so as to retain its best rental value, being attentive to the needs of both the tenant and the landlord.

•In all cases possible, Mr. Walters has kept me informed in advance, of any expenses to be incurred on property maintenance and sought my concurrence – his actions were based on mutual consultations, which is always very important for any landlord.

•Most importantly, Mr. Walters has a pleasing personality, is easy to work with and maintains a rapport of trust and professionalism that is important for both the tenant and the landlord

I am very comfortable in referring Mr. Norman Walters, Red Maple Realtors, to any of my friends and colleagues, who may be looking for a property manager in the DC Metropolitan area.


                                                                                                                        Dr. Gupta

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Re:   Property Management and  sale of  13 Blue Silo Ct.


Dear  Norm,


I would like to thank you for all that you have done for Mike & me for handling our rental property for 2 ½ years and most recently selling our home with ease.   I have appreciated your knowledge and professionalism  throughout the process of managing our rental home and eventually selling it.


At first, after trying to rent the house ourselves for a couple of months, we decided to turn it over to Red Maple Realtors to get it rented quickly.  You did a thorough credit screening of several  applicants for which I’m grateful.   The chosen tenants turned out to be reliable in paying the rent and taking excellent care of the property

You were instrumental in selling the house quickly and efficiently which was a great help prior to my necessary trip overseas.   I took great comfort knowing that you were handling the home inspection and appraisal details while I was in France.  

Your help during Mike’s hospital stay and the months  prior to his death will never be forgotten.  



Mina  P.

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