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Interesting Facts

Plumbing calls for kitchens & bathrooms.


34 %

25-35% of gross income, or less 

Behr, latex deck paint.

Insulate the attic with R39-R49 blown in insulation

Mols spores can germinate in about 48 hours

They are expected to rise about 3% a year for the near term

The cities of Gaithersburg, Takoma Park & Rockville

5% of the monthly rent

720,  which is the beginning of very good credit

A black light will show most pet stains on flooring

2 months 

1.5%  simple interest

Water in All forms:  Leaks, drips, high humidity in the air

Sign up for the free Pepco Energy watchers program.

It is a programmable, web enabled thermostat for free!!

Click here to learn all about Fico Scores
State of Maryland Lead Paint Info


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What is the number One service call I receive?                           

What percentage of homes are bought by investors?                     

What percentage of households are renting?                                  

How much should a family spend on their rent?                               

What is an excellent deck paint?                                                      

If you are trying to save energy, what gives you

the biggest bang for your buck ?                                                     

How fast can mold spores grow?                                                    

Are rents going to be stable?                                                          

What cities in the county require rental inspections ?                     

What is the typical penalty if a tenant is paying 11 days late?        

What is the median Fico score in the United States?                      

How can you find pet stains without your nose?                              

What is the maximum security deposit allowed by law?                   

How much interest must a tenant earn on the deposit?                   

What is the most destructive force for your investment?                 

How can you get a new thermostat installed in your home?